Clicking, Feeling:
Introduction to Interactive Design

T/Th 9:30AM–12:15PM
Jan 18, 2022–Apr 29, 2022

Class meetings on Gather

Final Critiques:
Room 108, Art Building

Office Hours by Appointment

To get started, download the following:

Text Editor:
Atom, Sublime Text, or Visual Studio Code

Github Pages

Learning Resources

The following resources give thorough overviews of front-end development. It’s nice to try things out right in your code editor/browser, but it’s still good to have a design or general vision to start from. When starting to code, it’s good to divide the work into sections, and smaller chunks. Try to be very organized while writing code, it will make editing much easier!



Tutorials & Lessons

Additional Things

For sharing links, and references:

For trying out code on the browser:
Glitch, CodePen, jsfiddle

For technical questions: